Marketing with Twitter has the massive potential to take your business to the next level rather quickly. However; for various businesses, it has proven to be a tedious and complicated task. The basics are relatively easy to master, but coming up with a promotional strategy that works can prove to be much more difficult. Below are 10 tips that will enable anyone to master marketing with Twitter.


Use the Correct Tools

A lot of marketers that try to use Twitter without setting up the right system and tools have failed to find success. In order to manage a campaign, it requires advanced tools such as our free social media marketing tool (SurgeTick Social),, and Bottlenose to assist in running the campaign in an organized and scheduled way. They all incorporate in-depth analytic tools that enable you to run your social media campaigns effectively.


Building Your Followers

The costs involved in obtaining and maintaining followers on Twitter are very minimal compared to other methods. Marketing with Twitter allows you to get more out of your campaigns from passionate and engaged followers. It is advisable to research your specific target audience before you waste time and effort marketing to people who have no interest in what you have to offer. Reaching your ideal customer is the key here.


Plan Networking Events

Twitter is a marketing vehicle that aims for fast news blasts and very brief interactions. However, it can assist you in inclusive networking when done in the correct manner. Sending out a Tweet inviting your followers to a webinar or local event can increase awareness of your brand by leaps and bounds.


Join Conversations

Apps that enable instant conversation is by far one of the top available networking options for any company that uses Twitter. You can use Twubs or TweetChat in order to invite followers into conversations making the experience on Twitter much more interactive and in real time. Marketing with Twitter doesn’t have to be mechanical, people want to connect with people.


Choose Your Hashtags Wisely

Your hashtags contribute to the effectiveness of your efforts on Twitter. The hashtags assist non-followers as well as your current followers on finding content that is relevant. Spend some time to ensure your hashtags compliment your tweets.


Avoid Marketing to Often When You Tweet

Although marketing on Twitter is common practice, we advise against blasting marketing campaigns with every Tweet you send. Your Tweets should be informative and about events other than your brand. You can then sprinkle in a few marketing Tweets here and there. We all hate being sold for some reason so aim to build relationships not just make a sale online.


Use the Right Keywords

Your primary keywords are a vital part of every tweet you create. By choosing the correct keywords, you can benefit from long lasting effects on your SEO efforts.


Engage and Identify the Influencers

In order to make your tweets really work for you, it is wise to identify the active and prominent users that relate to your niche. Focus your intentions on drawing in power users in your line of work. Marketing with Twitter can do wonders for fast engagement with influencers in your industry.


Tread Lightly around Controversy

Thought provoking or controversial tweets may assist you in a significant traffic boost but can hurt you in the process. Take extra precautions when you post tweets that are too edgy as they have the ability to turn on you.


Diversify Tactics

Utilize a combination of approaches and avoid placing all your techniques and methods in one rigid way of marketing. Diversity is the key to social media marketing success. Spice things up a bit!


In order to gain the best results while marketing on Twitter, you should adhere to these best practices. Adopting good marketing strategies for Twitter is not always an easy walk in the park but can manifest excellent results when you use it in the right way and see the project to the end. If you want to learn more about marketing on Twitter, give us a buzz or visit here to find out how we can manage your next Twitter marketing campaign for positive results!