What is our method?

Our digital marketing services at SurgeTick help to grow and manage your online properties with the aim of congruency amongst all digital marketing platforms, a strong emphasis on quality content targeting your ideal audience, and full transparency of the entire project.

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Lead Generation

Every business needs fresh quality leads on a consistent basis. SurgeTick focuses on introducing your brand to your ideal customers and leading them through an effective sales funnel.   

We tailor our lead generation techniques specifically to your business and help increase your lifetime customer value.

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Social Media

Social Media is a major driver for small local businesses on up to industry giants. We create campaigns that get people excited about your business...

The type of post that gets shared everywhere eventually going viral. Whether paid or organic traffic on social media, we got you covered.

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Video Marketing

Videos are engaging and do an excellent job of capturing your prospect's attention. As the daily level of purchasing being done online increases, business owners are finding that a well-thought out video explaining their products and services and showing customers the benefits has awarded their business with faster growth overall.

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Search engines more than ever are giving higher priority to paid ads making it harder to rank for organic search results. The quality of your content matters and you will rank higher in the search engines with content that's relevant to the person searching.

We use strategies that speak to the hearts and minds of your ideal customers, simplifying the process for you without all the technical stuff. The SurgeTick team helps customers become more familiar with your brand, building your audience, and getting your company ranked higher across all digital marketing platforms.

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