Our mission is to help business owners embrace the benefits of digital marketing. 

We envision forging long-lasting business relationships and helping our clients grow their business exponentially.

The dedicated SurgeTick team remains committed to our client’s success. Together, we can bring your ideas, products, and services to the top of your industry.

In 2017 SurgeTick Digital Marketing was born from the realization that most local businesses simply aren’t taking full advantage of the internet.  

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Edem Agbley | Founder & CEO

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Edem Agbley - Ad Funding Advisor - SurgeTick Digital LLC Edem Agbley - Facebook Ad Audit Specialist - SurgeTick Digital LLCEdem Agbley - Direct Response Copywriting Specialist - SurgeTick Digital LLCEdem Agbley - Ecommerce Marketing Specialist - SurgeTick Digital LLC

Welcome to the site! I’ve been in the IM industry for 8 years now and have come a long way from my start as an affiliate marketer. What I’m passionate about is the opportunity to add value to communities worldwide, helping to create an abundance mindset for those in unfortunate circumstances.

It’s been said that inside a single seed exist every intricate detail of what that seed will eventually become… I’ve been blessed to be able to partner up with some very successful and brilliant minds where inside those seeds (idea) of creativity lies infinite possibilities for growth.

Let’s have a talk about your goals and the action steps to make it a reality…

At the end of the day, every business is a people business.